Friday, November 4

Hey... its been awhile. Lately, me asyik gaduh dengan Fakhrul :( hmm aku sedih sangat. dia cakap aku berubah sejak aku guna BB. hm i can see that too. tapi skrg hubungan ktorg mcm haih its complicated :( I do love him but masing masing mcm huhhhh susah nak explain. only God know how i feel right now.. Im lonely :( im speechless. i dont wanna talk anymore. bye guys.

Thursday, October 27

Hey guys, wassup? Soo yeah its been awhile. Yesterday I went to WangsaWalk to meet my beloved one, Fakhrul Radzi. I asked Aina and Aqif to accompany me. Like srsly wangsawalk bored. nothing special there. cuma ada wayang, karoeke and bowling. Kitaorang tengok wayang cerita Paranormal Activity 3. seat penuh gila so terpaksa lah amik couple seat. Dalam wayang Fakhrul hugged me :) awhh i miss that moment, then mcm2 lah ktorg buat. ........masa nak balik tu hmm sedih doh, sbb nnt mesti rindu dia. now pun rindu dia sangat. i wish you were here sayang accompany me everyday, you're the only one i have. i love you so much, love you to thee maxx !!!

Friday, October 21


Suuppp dude? okay hi y'all :D this is my new boyfriend, yeah his name is Fakhrul Radzi but people called him 'penyu' idk why , kesian dia, hahaha lol soo yeah kitaorang couple on d 19 Oct 2011. baru je, hope sangat lah kekal lama, if dia buat hal ke apa, gentle lepasni malas nak couple, i've been through all this, its tiring. btw imisshim T.T rabu ni dia ajak pergi wangsa walk, tak tahu lah pergi or tak sbb jauh doh, if tak keluar rabu insyaAllah keluar sabtu, hope mama kasi :D Sayang, i want you to know that you're the only one i have, i dah 5 bulan kot single so i hope you're the one. please dont break my heart okay. Once you break it, hmm you'll know what happen. LOVE YOU CAN DIE. FOREVER MINE

Sunday, October 2

Omg omg omg! Tomorrow is the day. The day that I've been waiting fr. Ugh its PMR day! Oh gosh. Im so nervous. I know i can do it, trust yrself ilya. You have promised to yrself not to dissapoint yr parents so dont dissapoint them. Think positive and be cool. Remember, Allah is with you ilya :p best of luck for me! Hehee

Thursday, September 29

Soo yeah as you guys know, im still single. Im not that desperate but its just i need somebody to love. Im so jealous those who have boyfriend/girlfriend. They all like, so sweet can die! Dammit! I knw being single is better but sometimes bored. I've been single for 4/5 months. Ughh i can't stand it anymore. Haha i need someone who can love me fr who i am, loyal,honest and so on , soon enough baby, just chill Ilya, don't find love! Let love find you..

Monday, September 26