Wednesday, September 7

Wednesday - 9.00pm

Mood : Heart broken T.T

Soo yeahh, Hiii! First of all, i miss him so much. only God knows how much i love and miss him. I never expect that our relationship will end soo quickly. Its complicated. I just want him to know that I still love him. Sayang, i miss our sweet conversation :( I miss you! Everyday i think about you. wondering what are you doing and all. Always pray for our relation but then, things change soo fast. So there's nothing I can do. Idk why i cant stop thinking of yu. You're soo sweet :( Idk wether u love me or not. I wish u were mine back!!! I need youuu. sumpah doh tak boleh hidup without you. Ughhh what a life lah -.- Sooo, just want you to knw that i miss you sooo soo soo much T.T *stop crying Ilya.